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Contains Array Prototypes like copy, each, contains, and remove.
Provides methods to dynamically load JavaScript, CSS, and Image files into the document.
The Browser Core.
Contains Utility Classes that can be implemented into your own Classes to ease the execution of many common tasks.
Contains the Class Function for easily creating, extending, and implementing reusable Classes.
Class for creating, loading, and saving browser Cookies.
Contains the domready custom event.
Contains methods to work with size, scroll, or positioning of Elements and the window object.
Contains Element methods for dealing with events, and custom Events.
One of the most important items in MooTools.
Contains methods for interacting with the styles of Elements in a fashionable way.
Contains the Event Native, to make the event object completely crossbrowser.
Contains Function Prototypes like create, bind, pass, and delay.
Contains the CSS animation logic.
Contains the basic animation logic to be extended by all other Fx Classes.
Formerly Fx.Styles, effect to transition any number of CSS properties for an element using an object of rules, or CSS based selector rules.
Contains a set of advanced transitions to be used with any of the Fx Classes.
Formerly Fx.Style, effect to transition any CSS property for an element.
Contains Hash Prototypes.
JSON encoder and decoder.
The MooTest system.
Contains Number Prototypes like limit, round, times, and ceil.
Extends the basic Request Class with additional methods for interacting with HTML responses.
Powerful all purpose Request Class.
Extends the basic Request Class with additional methods for sending and receiving JSON data.
Adds advanced CSS Querying capabilities for targeting elements.
Contains String Prototypes like camelCase, capitalize, test, and toInt.
Wrapper for embedding SWF movies.